Released Date: July 20, 2018


  • Improved the security of the default password for extensions.
  • Optimized Time Condition: Each Inbound route has a different feature code of Time condition.

Fixed Bug

  • API Interfaces:
    • Fixed the issue that PBX would send API reports repeatedly.
    • Fixed the issue that the call could not be terminated if the extension has more than one "Concurrent Registration".
    • Fixed the issue that call pop-up could not work during a call pickup process.
    • Optimized DTMF API reports.
  • BLF:
    • Fixed BLF key of Call Parking: The BLF key might not work after rebooting the PBX.
    • Fixed BLF key of BRI trunk: The call could not be terminated if you called out through the BRI trunk.
  • AutoCLIP:
    • Fixed the issue that AutoCLIP could not match incoming caller ID.
    • Fixed the issue that AutoCLIP could not be disabled.
  • SIP Peer Trunk:
    • Fixed the issue that the trunk could not work if DNS-NAPTR transport was enabled for the trunk.
    • Fixed the issue the Music on Hold could not be played if the T.38 was enabled for the trunk.
  • Conference:
    • Fixed the issue that when you transferred a call to a conference, the call would be terminated automatically.
    • Fixed the issue that pressing # to invite a conference member would fail.
    • Fixed the issue that the PBX might initiate a conference automatically.
  • Fax:
    • Fixed the issue that sending multi-page fax would fail.
    • Fixed the compatibility issue with Yeastar TA gateway.
  • Fixed GSM/3G/4G trunk issue: PBX could not detect DTMF signal correctly.
  • Fixed BRI trunk issue: When you called out through a BRI trunk, you could not hear the Music on Hold from the BRI provider.
  • Fixed the Queue issue: The Queue could not work properly if the "Satisfaction Survey" was enabled.
  • Fixed the Storage issue: The PBX would reboot automatically if the storage device was broken.
  • Fixed the issue that bulk deleting the IP addresses from IP blocklist could not work.
  • Fixed the Hot Standby issue: The configurations of static routes could not take effect.