Released Date: September 7, 2016

New Feature

  • Added support for “Auto Provisioning” App version 1.2.1. The new version added support for the following phones:
    • Cisco SPA301, SPA303, SPA501G, SPA502G, SPA504G, SPA508G, SPA509G, SPA512G, SPA514G, SPA525G2, CP7821
    • Polycom VVX101, VVX201, VVX300, VVX310, VVX400, VVX500, VVX600, VVX601, VVX1500, IP321, IP331, IP335, IP450, IP550, IP560, IP670
    • Htek UC902, UC903, UC923

Fixed Bug

  • Fixed SIM800 issue: PBX could not identify a new SIM800 module.
  • Fixed G729 Codec issue: making a call with G729 codec would cause latency.