Allow Users to Switch Call Recording Status

By default, if you set up call recording for extensions, trunks, conferences, or queues, the specified calls would be recorded as soon as they are established, and all the users can NOT switch call recording status. To avoid sensitive information being recorded or to allow users to start recording their calls when necessary, you can grant permissions to specific users, so that they can start, pause, or resume recording during a call.


Note: Extension users can NOT switch the recording status during a conference call, even if you have granted them permission.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Extension and Trunk > Extension, edit a desired extension.
  2. Click Features tab.
  3. In the Call Recording section, grant the operation permission of call recording to the extension user.

    • Pause/Resume: Allow the user to pause or resume recording during a call that is specified to be recorded.
      Tip: To specify the calls to be recorded, see Set up Call Recording.
    • Start/Pause/Resume: Allow the user to start, pause, or resume recording during any calls (except conference calls), be the calls specified to be recorded or not.
  4. Click Save and Apply.


  • The user can switch call recording status in the following ways:
    • Press the recording button on Linkus Clients
    • Dial a feature code
      Note: The default feature code for switching call recording status is *1. You can change, enable, or disable the code on PBX web portal (Path: Call Features > Feature Code > Recording > Switch Extension's Recording Status).
  • By default, the user can view the call recording file that is generated when a call ends. To restrict the user from viewing recording files, see Restrict Users from Viewing Recording Files.