Auto Provisioning Overview

Auto Provisioning is a time-saving feature that helps you to manage and deploy IP phones centrally on Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition. The process of configuring and managing IP phones is simplified, which makes deployment and management of devices fast and convenient.

Auto Provisioning supported devices

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition supports various models for Auto Provisioning.

Find the Auto Provisioning - Supported Devices before you start deploying devices.

Auto Provisioning methods

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition supports an RPS method to help you provision your IP phones.

RPS method supports auto provisioning remote IP phones

For more information, see Auto Provision IP Phones.

How Auto Provisioning works

This section introduces how the RPS Auto Provisioning method works with IP phones and the PBX, which can help you understand the operating principle and locate the Auto Provisioning problem rapidly.
RPS Provisioning

  1. After you add a phone's MAC address to the PBX, the phone's MAC address and provisioning server (PBX) are automatically added to the phone manufacture's RPS server.
  2. When the IP phone boots up, it sends a request to the RPS server, asking for a configuration file.
  3. The RPS server redirects the phone to visit the provisioning server (PBX).
  4. The IP phone downloads its configuration file from the provisioning server (PBX), and applies the configuration.