Security Overview

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition provides robust security options to ensure a secure and reliable phone service to your business operation.

Allowed IPs

Allowed IPs is used to add specific IP addresses or domain names to the PBX allowlist to prevent from being blocked by the system.

For more information, see Add an Allowed IP Address and Manage Allowed IP Addresses.

Blocked IPs

The blocked IP addresses would be listed in the Blocked IPs. If a trusted IP address was blocked, you can go to Blocked IPs to delete the IP address.

For more information, see Manage Blocked IP Addresses.

Outbound Call Frequency Restriction

Outbound Call Frequency Restriction rule is used to limit the number of outbound calls over specified time period.

The PBX has a default rule to limit extension users to make maximum 5 outbound calls in 1 second.

You can also set up new rules according to your needs. For more information, see Add an 'Outbound Call Frequency Restriction' Rule.

Console/SSH Access

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition supports SSH access. Technical supporter engineers can establish a temporary SSH connection on the PBX to check logs and debug the PBX.

For more information, see Access the System via SSH.

Allowed Country IPs

You can set up Allowed Country IPs to only allow specific countries or regions to access your phone system, thus preventing the situations that hackers remotely access your phone system to make international and long-distance calls, monitor conversations, or do other operations that may cause security threats to your phone system.

For more information, see Restrict Specific Countries or Regions from Accessing Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition.

Allowed Country Codes

You can set up Allowed Country Codes to restrict users from making international calls to specific countries or regions, thus effectively preventing toll fraud.

For more information, see Restrict International Calls to Specific Countries or Regions.

Passwordless Login

If you need the service provider to access your PBX system for remote technical support, and don't want to expose the administrator account credentials, you can set up the PBX to allow passwordless login.

For more information, see Allow Passwordless Login to Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition.