Allow Passwordless Login to Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition

In case that you need the service provider to access your PBX system for remote technical support, and don't want to expose the administrator account credentials, you can set up the PBX to allow passwordless login. In this way, the service provider can directly log in to your PBX system without password.


The firmware version of Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition is or later.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Security > Security Settings > Passwordless Login.
  2. Turn on the Passwordless Login switch.


  • appears on the top-right corner of the PBX administrator portal (the web portal of super administrator), indicating that the 'Passwordless Login' feature is enabled.

  • Service provider can directly log in to the PBX web portal with a dedicated Passwordless account, which has the same permissions as the PBX super administrator.
    Note: The PBX system automatically records the operations of the Passwordless account, you can check the records on Maintenance > Operation Logs.