Call Detail Record (CDR) Overview

The Call Detail Record (CDR) feature provides information about calls over Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition. This topic describes parameters and auto cleanup of CDR.

CDR parameters

A CDR contains the following information:
Item Description
ID A unique identifier for each call.
Time When the call was made or received.
Call From The number or the name of the caller.
Call To The number or the name of the callee.
Call Duration The time between the call started and the call ended.
Ring Duration The time between the call started and the call answered.
Talk Duration The time between the call answered and the call ended.
Status Call status.
  • BUSY
Reason The reason why the call was ended.
Source Trunk The call was received via which trunk.
Destination Trunk The call was sent out via which trunk.
Communication Type Communication Type.
  • Internal
  • Outbound
  • Inbound
DID/DDI The phone number that the caller dialed.
Outbound Caller ID The phone number that was displayed on the callee's phone.
Caller IP Address The IP address of the caller's device.
PIN Code The PIN code entered when making a call via a restricted outbound route.
Recording File The call recording file.

CDR auto cleanup

By default, when the number of call logs reaches 200,000, the system will automatically delete the oldest call logs (relevant recordings are retained.). You can change the maximum value, or you can also set the maximum preservation days. For more information, see Auto Cleanup Settings.