Call Parking Overview

Call parking is a method of holding a call on a phone, anyone can retrieve the call on another phone. This topic describes what is call parking, parking number, parking types, parking recall, and parking code.

What is call parking

Traditionally, you can only retrieve the call on the same phone when you hold a call. Call parking allows you to hold a call on a parking number, and allows you to dial the parking number on any phone to retrieve the call.

Parking number

Parking number, also known as slot or orbit, is a virtual extension number that the system assigns to the parked call. One parked call occupies one parking number.

The maximum number of simultaneous parking number is 100.

Parking types

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition supports two parking types.

  • Call parking: Park a call randomly on the first available parking number.
  • Directed call parking: Park a call on the specified parking number.

Parking timeout destination

The parked call remains on the parking number for a specified period of time (default 60 seconds). If no one retrieves the parked call within the timeout period, the system routes the call to a designated destination (default initiator).

Parking feature code

Extension users can use the parking code to park a call.

The default parking code:

  • Call Parking: *5
  • Directed Call Parking: *05
Tip: You can change, enable, or disable the code on PBX web portal: Call Features > Feature Code > Call Parking.