Block Calls To or From a Phone Number

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition supports to block incoming and/or outgoing calls by phone number. To stop nuisance calls, you can add phone numbers to the system blocklist. Numbers in the blocklist will be blocked to dial in, dial out, or both.


  • Blocked numbers do NOT work for the extensions within the PBX. When an extension number matches a blocked number, the extension can still be used for outgoing and incoming calls.
  • The maximum number of Blocked Numbers Lists and Numbers per Blocked Numbers List varies depending on the number of your extensions.
    Table 1.
    Maximum Number of Extensions (N) Blocked Numbers Lists Numbers per Blocked Numbers List
    N ≤ 200 256 100
    N >200 512 200

Background information

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition allows you to handle calls by phone number in the following ways:

Call Handling Based on Caller ID
This feature makes it possible for routing or blocking incoming calls from internal or external users by phone number. You can customize different call handling rules for each extension.
For more information, see Handle Incoming Calls Based on Caller ID.
Blocked Numbers
This feature makes it possible for blocking inbound and/or outbound calls to external users by phone number. If you list a phone number in the system blocklist, all the PBX extensions can NOT reach or be reached by the phone number.
For more information, see the following instructions.
Note: System blocklist has higher priority than individual blocklist.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Call Features > Blocked/Allowed Numbers > Blocked Numbers.
  2. Click Add to set up a blocked number list.
  3. In the pop-up window, configure as follows:

    • Name: Enter a name to help you identify the number(s) to be blocked.
    • Number: Enter a specific number or a number pattern per line.
      • To block a specific number, enter a specific number. For example, enter 2126420000.
      • To block a range of numbers, enter a wildcard pattern. For example. enter 9011. to block numbers starting with 9011.

        For more information about wildcard pattern, see DID Pattern and Caller ID Pattern.

    • Type: Select a type from the drop-down list.
      • Inbound: Block the number(s) from calling into the PBX.
      • Outbound: Block PBX extensions from calling the number(s).
      • Both: Block the number(s) from calling into the PBX and block the PBX extensions from calling the number(s).
  4. Click Save and Apply.


The blocked numbers list is displayed on the web page as the following figure shows. The added numbers will be blocked based on the type you selected.