Extension Presence Overview

This topic describes what is extension presence and how presence benefits a user's work.

What is presence

Presence indicates a user's current status. By default, anyone in your organization using Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition can see if other users are available.

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition supports the following status:
  • Available: The user is online and ready for communication.
  • Away: The user is away from desk.
  • Business Trip: The user is on a business trip.
  • Do Not Disturb: The user doesn't want to be disturbed, and he or she won't receive any calls.
  • Lunch Break: The user is currently on lunch break.
  • Off Work: The user is currently off work.

How presence benefits a user's work

Presence is associated with the following settings. You can configure the following settings for each presence. When a user's presence changes, the following settings will change accordingly.
  • Presence information: Details about current presence.
  • Call forwarding: Route internal and external calls to different destinations based on extension presence.
  • Ring strategy: Adjust endpoints' ring strategy based on extension presence.
  • Ring timeout: Adjust endpoints' ring timeout based on extension presence except Do Not Disturb status.
  • Ring the Mobile Number Simultaneously: Whether to simultaneously ring mobile phone when a call reaches the extension number.
  • Accept push notifications: Whether to receive Linkus push notifications on Linkus Mobile Client, such as missed calls, voicemails, etc.
  • Agent Status Auto Switch: Adjust agent status automatically if the user is in a queue.
  • Voicemail greetings: Adjust voicemail greetings based on extension presence.

For more information, see Presence Settings and Change Voicemail Greetings.

Presence switch

There are two ways to switch extension presence: