Allow Callers to Change IVR Prompt Remotely

In case of emergency (e.g. the office needs to close early due to bad weather), you may need to change IVR prompt. Instead of logging in to PBX with a computer to change IVR prompt, you can just make a call to the IVR, then dial a specific feature code to record and apply a new IVR prompt.


  • The number of custom prompts does NOT reach the maximum limit. Otherwise, users can NOT record new voice prompt for the IVR.
  • A maximum of 2-minute recording time is allowed.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Call Features > IVR, edit the desired IVR.
  2. In the Basic tab, select the checkbox of Dial #9 to Modify IVR Prompt.
  3. In the IVR Prompt Modify Password field, enter a password for authentication.

    Callers need to enter the password to authenticate, so as to change the IVR prompt.

  4. Click Save and Apply.


Users can call to an IVR, dial #9 and enter the password, then follow the voice prompt to record a new IVR prompt on their phones.

If IVR prompt is replaced successfully, the previous voice prompt will be removed from the IVR setting, and the new voice prompt will be retained.
Note: The new voice prompt is save on PBX Settings > Voice Prompt > Custom Prompt, with a prompt name in the format of IVR{ivr_number}Date{date}Number{extension_number}.


We provide an example to help you understand the workflow of remotely changing IVR prompt.

  1. In an IVR call, a caller dials #9, then enter the password to authenticate.
  2. After hearing the beep tone, the caller starts recording the prompt. When done, press # key.
  3. The caller can press a specific key to manage the prompt:
    • 1: Listen to the prompt.
    • 2: Save and apply the prompt to the IVR.
    • 3: Delete the prompt.