Release Date: January 28, 2021

New features

  • Added support for enabling or disabling music on hold for conference.

    For more information, see Add a Conference.

  • Added support for setting DTMF fmtp for DTMF mode RFC 4733.
Ring Simultaneously
  • Added support for Ring Simultaneously feature.

    For more information, see Mobility Extension.


Improvements and bug fixes

System Stability
  • Fixed the issue that Asterisk did not restart automatically when receiving too many packages.
  • Fixed the DND issue.
    • The extension registered on Linkus would still receive incoming calls when DND was enabled.
    • When an extension's DND status was changed, the PBX would send an incorrect Notify message to the phone.
  • Fixed the import issue of extension: If the extensions you imported had existed in the PBX Extensions list, and User Password in the CSV file was left blank, the User Password on PBX would be overwritten after importing, and caused Linkus login failure.
  • Fixed the ring timeout issue of dialing extension number 2: The ring timeout did not take effect when setting to 30 seconds.
  • Optimized the fuzzy matching of contact number: The minimum number of digits for contact number matching was changed from 3 to 4.
  • Fixed the issue of company contacts:
    • The contacts on Linkus, PBX server, and phone were not synchronized in correct.
    • If the language of PBX web interface was set to Chinese Traditional, the exported contact file would be garbled.
  • Optimized ITSP template for Bandwidth: Added failover settings for Secondary Hostname/IP and Secondary Domain.
  • Fixed the issue of DNIS name: If DID number was not configured, the setting of DNIS name could not be effective.
  • Fixed the creation issue of trunk: If you create a trunk after resetting or restoring the backup, the system would prompt you that the number of trunk has reached the upper limit.
SIP Relevant
  • Optimized the BLF key status: The BLF key status would be changed when an agent was paused or resumed queue service by API.
  • Fixed the issue of media negotiation: When the media used by both parties in the call were inconsistent, the PBX did not negotiate the codes.
Call Control
  • Fixed the issue of time condition: The inbound calls could not be routed to external number during holiday.
Call Features
  • Fixed the call issue of IVR: If the number dialed through IVR was not allowed to be called, the call would be directly ended.
Voice Prompts
  • Fixed the issue of voice prompt: When transferring a call by dialing feature code *3, and the transfer target was busy, the language of busy tone was inconsistent with system default.
  • Fixed the issue of custom prompt: If the deleted voice prompt file name has a dot (e.g.,,, the other files (e.g., voice.XXXXX) with the same name as before the first dot will also be deleted.
  • Fixed the issue that the country/region code of Slovenia was incorrect.
User Permission
  • Fixed the display issue of Recording Usage: If Auto Recording permission was not assigned to an extension (administrator privilege) , the Recording Usage pie chart would not be displayed when the extension logged in to PBX web interface.
Date & Time
  • Optimized the Time Zone options.
    • Added time zone options: 8, Irkutsk, 9, Chita, and 11, Magadan, Sakhalinsk, Srednekolymsk.
    • 6, Novosibirsk, Omsk is changed to 6, Omsk.
    • 7, Krasnoyarsk is changed to 7, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk.
CDR and Recording
  • Optimized CDR CSV file: The downloaded CDR CSV file will display the corresponding recording file name of a call.
  • Fixed the CDR issue:
    • If an agent did not answer a queue call, and the caller hanged up the call, the call status in CDR would be shown as Busy.
    • If a queue call was routed from IVR, the DID number in CDR would not be displayed after an agent answered.
  • Added musiconhold parameter for the following interfaces:
    • conference/update: Enable or disable music on hold.
    • conference/query: Query the status of music on hold.
  • Optimized queue/query_status interface: Added channelid parameter in response parameters.
  • Optimized ExtensionStatus report: Added registeredIP parameter, which is used to display the IP address of the device where extension registered.
  • Optimized the BLF key status display for an agent: The BLF key status can be changed when you pause or resume agent service by API.

  • Fixed the conference issues:
    • If there were no participants in a conference room, members could not be invited to join the conference by the conference/add_member interface.
    • If editing basic settings of a conference by conference/update interface, all the conference numbers would be changed to the same.
  • Fixed the issue of NewCdr report: If a queue call was not answered, the agentringtime in NewCdr report would be 0.
  • Fixed the issue that the 20012 error was responded when requesting the random string of recording.
Linkus Server
  • Optimized the email template of Welcome Email.
Zoho Integration
  • Fixed the issue of call pop-up:
    • If Ring All was set for a queue, the call pop-up would be abnormal when the queue received an incoming call.
    • If Adapt Caller ID was enabled for trunk, the adapted caller ID was not displayed on the call pop-up screen when receiving a queue call from the trunk.
    • When placing a call by click-to-call on zoho CRM, the pop-up information was not updated after hanging up.
  • Fixed the issue that Zoho contacts was not synchronized on PBX.
LDAP Server
  • Optimized the LDAP: The character length of First Name and Last name is extended to 64.