Release Date: March 29, 2023

Improvements and bug fixes

PIN List
  • Improved PIN List feature: The number of PIN codes supported in each PIN list is expanded to up to twice the maximum number of extensions the PBX can create.
    For example, the maximum number of extensions supported is 50 (can be checked on Resource Monitor > Information > Max Extensions), then you can add up to 100 PIN codes in a PIN list.
    Note: Only if the length of each PIN code is less than or equal to 4 can the number of PIN codes reach the maximum limit.

Blocked IP Address
  • Improved Blocked IP Address auto cleanup mechanism: When the number of blocked IP addresses reaches 5000, the PBX will automatically clean up the IP addresses that are blocked for more than one month.
  • Fixed the Blocked IP Address issue: After deleting blocked IP addresses on the PBX web interface, the web interface became slow, and the system performance displayed 100% CPU utilization.
System Security
  • Improved web security performance.
Web Interface
  • Fixed translation error on Russian web interface.
SIP Trunk
  • Fixed the SIP trunk issue: After changing the name of a register trunk, the trunk status became unavailable.
Call Issue
  • Fixed the call issue: Calls were still ongoing after hung up, resulting in the Concurrent Call being occupied.
  • Fixed the CDR issue: When using a PIN code to make a call, the talk duration displayed in the CDR was longer than the actual talk duration, as the time taken to enter the PIN code was included.
API Interface
  • Fixed the Queue querying API issue: When used the /queue/query_status interface to query the queue status, the result was incorrect.