Released Date: March 25, 2019


System Stability:

  • Fixed a few issues to improve the system stability.

Call Recording

  • Added a digital signature in each auto recording file and one-touch recording file.

    The digital signature ensures a recording has not been altered in any way.

  • Added support for recording calls with consent: When external users call in the PBX, they have options choose weather the calls will be recorded or not.
    Note: You can configure IVR to achieve this feature. For more details, refer to our guide.


  • Fixed Voicemail Password issue: After editing an extension, the extension's voicemail password would be changed automatically.


  • Optimized the ITSP templates of SIP Peer Trunk.
  • Fixed SIP Peer Trunk issue: If making outbound calls through a SIP peer trunk, the DOD number was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed SIP trunk issue: SIP trunk configurations would be lost after rebooting the PBX.
  • Fixed DOD issue: If DOD numbers were bound to an extension group, the DOD numbers were displayed incorrectly when making outbound calls.

Call Control

  • Fixed Inbound Route issue: The PBX could not correctly match inbound calls with DID numbers that were set on multiple inbound routes.
  • Fixed Inbound Route issue: If Time Condition was enabled, the inbound Destination would be changed to Hangupautomatically after editing the Inbound Route.

Call Feature

  • Optimized BLF feature of Queue: A queue agent can set a BLF key (*75{queue_number}) to achieve both Status Monitoring and Status Switching.
    Note: In the earlier version, a queue agent had to set two BLF keys. One BLF key (*75{extension_number}{queue_number}) for Status Monitoring and the other BLF key (*75{queue_number}) for Status Switching.
  • Optimized Call Parking feature: Retrieving a parked call occupies one call channel.
    Note: In the earlier version, rectrieving a parked call occupied two call channels.
  • Fixed Voicemail issue: If Voicemail to Email feature was enabled on an extension, the associated user could not receive voicemail messages on Linkus.
  • Fixed DISA issue: When a user dialed numbers after the secondary dial tone, the PBX used an incorrect trunk to send the call.
  • Fixed the compatibility issue with Yealink phones: The BLF key status could not change.

Voice Prompt

  • Optimized Custom Prompts: The maximum file size is limited to 8 MB.
  • Updated system prompts.


  • Fixed several CDR issues.

PBX Monitor

  • Fixed Extension Status issue: The extension status was displayed incorrectly if the extension was registered on Linkus.


  • Added API interfaces of SIP trunk:
    • Query a SIP trunk settings
    • Add a SIP trunk
    • Edit a SIP trunk
    • Delete a SIP trunk
  • Added API interfaces of Outbound Route:
    • Query an Outbound Route settings
    • Add an Outbound Route
    • Edit an Outbound Route
    • Delete an Outbound Route
  • Added API interfaces of Inbound Route:
    • Query an Inbound Route settings
    • Add an Inbound Route
    • Edit an Inbound Route
    • Delete an Inbound Route
  • Added support for perform Call Transfer during an internal call or an external call.
  • Added support for downloading CDR.
  • Fixed the API stability issue: The API would fail to work after a certain time.


  • Changed the path of IP Allowlist.
    • Old path: Settings > System > Security Center > IP Allowlist
    • New path: Settings > System > Security Center > Access Control > IP Allowlist
  • Changed the path of Limited Country Access.
    • Old path: Settings > System > Security Center > Limited Country Access
    • New path: Settings > System > Security Center > Access Control > Limited Country Access
  • Optimized Limited Country Access User Interface.

Remote Management

  • Fixed the issue that Remote Management was lost from the web interface.

Event Center

  • Optimized Auto Cleanup Reminder: Differentiated Auto Cleanup Reminder for recordings and CDR.

    Deleted Auto Cleanup Reminder event, added Auto Cleanup Reminder-CDR and Auto Cleanup Reminder-Recordings.

Backup and Restore

  • Fixed the issue that the IP address of SIP trunk was incorrect after restoring configurations from a backup file.


  • Fixed the issue that Linkus QR code would appear on Me page even the Linkus was not enabled.