Release Date: November 9, 2020

New features

  • Added feature codes for switching agent's pause status: * 075.

    For more information, see Pause or Unpause Queue Calls.

  • Added support for Call Force Drop feature.

    User can dial the feature code *94+{extension_number} to forcibly drop an extension's call.

    For more information, see Set up Call Force Drop.

  • Added support for configuring Call Forwarding rule for extensions in bulk.
  • Added support for using streaming music as Music on Hold (MoH).

    For more information, see Add a Custom MoH Playlist with Streaming Music.

  • Added support for viewing the latency for extension connection.

    Go to PBX Monitor > Extensions, hover your mouse over status icon to view the latency.

Improvements and bug fixes

System Stability
  • Fixed the call issue: If the Caller ID of an incoming call contained a special character (, the system would crash.
  • Fixed the trunk issue: The domain name resolution of trunk was incorrect, which caused a trunk recognition error when receiving a call.
Call Features
  • Optimized the BLF key status of queue agents.
    New Version Old Version
    • Green: The agent logs in to the queue and is unpaused.
    • Flash red: The agent is paused.
    • Red: The agent logs out of the queue.
    • Green: The agent logs out of the queue.
    • Red: The agent logs in to the queue and is unpaused.
  • Optimized the missed call reminder of ring group: When an agent misses a queue call, there will be a missed call notification on his or her phone.
  • Fixed the issue of failing to dial an external number via IVR.
  • Fixed the queue issue: If the number of queue agents exceeded the max number of concurrent calls, some agents' phones would not ring when the queue received a call.
  • Fixed the call issue of ring group: When system forwarded a call to a phone, the value of Call-info in INVITE message was incomplete, which caused the call to be hung up after being picked up.
  • Fixed the Call Parking issue: The Timeout Destination that is set to Original Parker did not take effect in a queue call.
  • Fixed the issue that failed to subscribe the status of call parking number by BLF.
  • Fixed the issue of Voicemail to Mail: If the caller ID of the person who left voicemail messages contained a comma, the extension user would receive a mail without voicemail message attachment.
Call Control
  • Optimized the settings of AutoCLIP Routes (PBX > Call Control > AutoCLIP Routes):

    • Added 4 hours option for Record Keep Time.
    • Changed the minimum value of Digits Match to 6.
Music on hold
  • The number of selectable items in Choose MOH Playlist is expanded to 32.

  • The options in Choose MOH Playlist are arranged in ascending alphabetic or numeric order.

  • Fixed the CDR issue: Multiple call records were generated for one call, and caused CPU overload.
  • Fixed the issue that 502 Bad Gateway was displayed on the page when downloading call logs.
  • Fixed the Fax issue: If the Destination of inbound route was set to Fax to Email, the PBX would not send FAX files in PDF format to user's email.
  • Optimized the Codec setting: a-law and u-law are enabled by default.
  • Fixed the issue of call transfer failure: If the callee's phone used iLBC codec, when the callee transferred a call, the caller was hanged up automatically.
Time Condition
  • Fixed the reset issue of Time Condition: Reset a time condition by feature code *800, the BLF status of other time conditions was incorrect.
  • Fixed the DTMF detection issue: When receiving an inbound call to IVR through SIP trunk, the system might not detect DTMF.
Date and Time
  • Fixed the issue that date and time was incorrect when Daylight Saving Time was enabled.
  • Fixed the issue that created new backup file to Local would fail.
  • Added API interfaces for Contacts.
  • Added support for querying the call status of extensions.
  • Optimized the following interfaces to reduce configuration reload frequency, and improve the system stability.

    • extension/update
  • Fixed the issue of auto recording: The call placed via IVR could not be recorded automatically.
Auto Provisioning
  • For Yealink T31, T31P, T31G, T33P, and T33G phones: Added support for CTI feature.
  • Added support for Fanvil phones: X1S, X1SG, X3SG, X3U, X4SG, and X7A.
  • For Fanvil X1S, X1SG, X3SG, X3U, X4SG, X4U, X5U, X5S, X6, X6U, X7, X7C, X7A, X210, and X210i phones: Added support for Hot Desking feature.

  • Fixed the upgrade issue for the following Snom phones: Failed to upgrade the phone firmware by auto provisioning.
    • D305, D315, D345, D375, and D385
    • D712, D715, D717, D725, D735, D745, D765, and D785
  • Fixed the issue that the Company Contacts could not be synchronized: When a user added company contacts on Linkus client, the user's IP phone that had been auto provisioned could not synchronize the added contacts.
  • Fixed the Function Key issue for Snom D765: The ShortText of Function Key did not take effect.
  • Fixed the issue of auto provision failure for Snom D765: Added a new device of D765 model, the system recognized D765 as 765, which caused auto provisioning failure.
  • Fixed the issue of custom template for Fanvil X4U: The parameters added in Other tab could not take effect.
  • Fixed the issue of custom template for Fanvil phones: If the template name contained space, the parameters added in Other tab would lose.
  • Fixed the call issue of Microsoft Teams: When making a call from Microsoft Teams to Linkus, the negotiation of iLBC codec was incorrect, and caused call establishment failure.
Zoho Integration
  • Fixed the call pop-up issue: A call to ring group ringed all members simultaneously, and someone answered the call, the pop-up screen status of members who did not answer the call was not updated.