Released Date: April 19, 2018

New Feature

Remote Management
Manage multiple Yeastar Cloud PBXs on Yeastar Remote Management Platform.

API Interface

Added support for integrating with the PBX via API interface.

Upgrade Firmware

Added support for upgrading firmware on the PBX web interface.


PBX Security
  • Improved the PBX security.
SIP Settings
  • Added the following settings on the SIP trunk page.
    • Diversion
    • P Asserted Identify
    • Remote Party ID
    • Inband Process
    • DID
    • Enable/Disable user=phone
  • Added SIP advanced settings.
    • Early Media
    • Maxptime
Extension Settings
  • Increased the range of Extension Users to 0~59999.
  • Supported 30 Extension Groups.
Auto Provision
  • Supported Yealink phones that have MAC addresses that start with 805ec0.
  • Optimized event logs.
  • The PBX can store event logs and operation logs for a maximum of 15 days.
Email Settings
  • Compatible with Ali Cloud SMTP.
  • Optimized TLS setting.
  • Fixed the issue that sending more than 50 emails in bulk would fail.
Time Condition
  • Extension users can dial feature code to switch the inbound route destination to Other Time destination.
Ring Group & Queue
  • Ring in Use of a Queue is disabled by default.
  • Optimized the Periodic Announcements of a Queue.
  • If an extension is registered on multiple phones, when the extension is busy, the PBX would not call other phones that registered the same extension.
  • Supported displaying DID numbers in CDR.
  • Optimized Voice prompts.
Seize Trunk by BLF Key
  • If an extension user has no permission to use a trunk, the administrator can limit the user to seize the trunk by BLF to call out.
Web Interface
  • Optimized the web interface.
  • Optimized the template of Welcome Email.

Fixed Bug

Interconnection Issues
  • The interconnection between two Yeastar Cloud PBXs would fail if TCP protocol was used.
  • If the S-Series VoIP PBX and Yeastar Cloud PBX were connected by "Account Trunk", the call between the two devices would fail.
  • Fixed the interconnection issue: if S-Series VoIP PBX used Cloud PBX's extension to register a SIP trunk, the call between the two PBXs would fail.
  • Fixed the compatibility issue with Yeastar TA gateway.
  • Fixed the issue that recording custom prompt on the PBX web interface would fail.
  • Fixed the voicemail prompt issue: the PBX didn’t play the customized prompt.
  • Fixed the issue that the call of a TCP/TLS extension could not be disconnected properly.
  • Fixed the issue that if two Yeastar Cloud PBX registered a VoIP trunk from the same provider, the PBX could not identify inbound calls correctly.
  • Fixed the issue that the SIP trunk could not work if the transport protocol was changed.
  • Fixed the issue that video call could not work.
  • Fixed the DID matching issue on Inbound Route: if multiple inbound routes have the same DID number(s), the PBX could not route inbound calls properly.
  • Fixed the Call Forward issue: the PBX could not forward calls to an external number.
  • Fixed the identification issue of feature code.
  • Fixed the issue that the extension users failed to download CDR files on Web.
  • Fixed CDR issue: when an external call reached a queue, the CDR of this call was incorrect.
  • Fixed the issue that inviting external members by your phone would fail if a password was set on the outbound route.