Set up Yeastar Meeting Room Booking System

This topic provides step-by-step instructions on setting up Yeastar Meeting Room Booking System.


Step 1. Add meeting room resources

Add meeting room resources on Yeastar Workplace
If your organization does NOT have any existing room resources, you can create new ones on Yeastar Workplace. For more information, see Meeting Room Resource Overview.
Synchronize room resources from a third party
If your organization is using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, or Google Workspace, you can synchronize the existing meeting room resources from your calendar system. For more information, click the icons below:
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Exchange
Google Workspace

Step 2. Configure meeting room preferences

Step 3. (Optional) Set up smart devices

Yeastar Meeting Room Booking system supports the following smart devices to optimize meeting room utilization and enhance meeting room management.


You have set up Yeastar meeting room booking system, now users can book meeting rooms through Yeastar Workplace.