Yeastar Workplace Developer Guide Overview

Yeastar Workplace offers Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow you to integrate the system with third-party applications. Using the Yeastar Workplace API, third-party applications can access and manage resources within Yeastar Workplace, which helps you to implement workflow automation between systems and increase customization options in your own applications.


Yeastar Workplace Plan: Standard Plan or Pro Plan.

Communication methods

Using Yeastar Workplace API, third-party applications can implement bidirectional communications with Yeastar Workplace through the following communication methods.
API request and API response
Yeastar Workplace RESTful API allows third-party applications to call APIs for querying and managing resources within Yeastar Workplace. Every time the application sends an API request, Yeastar Workplace returns a response indicating the request result.
For more information, see Request Structure and Response Results.
Event subscription and event notification
Yeastar Workplace utilizes webhook for event-driven notifications. After setting up a webhook on Yeastar Workplace and subscribing to webhook events, the system proactively sends notifications to the integrated third-party application when the subscribed event occurs.
For more information, see Event Notification Overview.

Main features

Using Yeastar Workplace API, third-party applications can achieve the followings within Yeastar Workplace:
  • Query and manage meeting room resources.
  • Query and manage meeting schedules.
  • Query and manage users and user groups.
  • Query the meeting room access permissions.
  • Receive real-time notifications when specific events occur on Yeastar Workplace.

For more information about the available API interfaces, see API Interface List.