Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do you provide hardware?

Yes. Yeastar Workplace provides targeted smart devices for Meeting Room Booking System, Desk Booking System, and Visitor Management System to maximize their value.

To learn more about the supported smart devices, see Smart Device Overview.

Q: Can Yeastar Workplace be used across multiple offices?
Yes. Yeastar Workplace supports adding multiple buildings to the system. If your company has multiple workplaces, you can add multiple buildings to differentiate and manage them.
Note: By default, one company can only add one office building, if you want to add multiple buildings, please contact us to purchase the extra building license.
Q: Do you have an on-premise version of Yeastar Workplace?

Yes. We provide an on-premise version of Yeastar Workplace which can be deployed on your physical server or cloud-based server.

For more information, please contact us.

Q: Does Yeastar Workplace support integration with third party?

Yes. Yeastar Workplace supports integration with the following third parties:

  • Calendar Systems: Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Microsoft Exchange
  • Directory Services: Active Directory, OpenLDAP
  • Collaboration Tools: Microsoft Teams

For more information, see Integration Guides.

Pricing Plan

Q: Does Yeastar Workplace have a free trial?

Yes. We provide a 30-day free trial for you to try out all the essential features.

For more information, see Sign up for a Free Yeastar Workplace Trial.

Q: What plan options do you have? What are the differences?

Yeastar Workplace provides 3 different plans - Basic Plan, Standard Plan, and Pro Plan to best meet the needs of your organization.

For more information, see Yeastar Workplace Plans & Pricing.

Q: How do I purchase Yeastar Workplace?

To request more information about the pricing plan and get a pricing quote, please contact us.

Meeting Room

Q: How to set up Yeastar Meeting Room Booking System?

We provide a step by step instructions on setting up Yeastar Meeting Room Booking system.

For more information, see Set up Yeastar Meeting Room Booking System.

Q: Can I manage how and when employees can book meeting rooms?

Yes. You can add different types of meeting rooms and set booking policies for them to manage how and when users can book meeting rooms.

For more information, see Meeting Room Resource Overview.

Q: How do employees book meeting rooms?
Employees can book meeting rooms through the following methods:
Q: Why do I need smart devices for Room Booking System?

Yeastar Room Booking System is compatible with the following smart devices, which can improve the utilization of meeting rooms and enhance the reservation experience.

  • Room Display: Display the real-time availability of meeting rooms, and enable users to book and manage room reservations through it.
  • People Counting Sensor: Detect and monitor meeting room occupancy in real time, and automatically release booked but unoccupied meeting rooms.
  • Room Comfort Sensor: Monitor and measure the indoor environment and comfort for meeting rooms.
  • Smart Wall Switch: Control the meeting room lighting remotely.

For more information, see Supported Devices for Meeting Room Booking System.


Q: How to set up Yeastar Desk Booking System?

We provide a step by step instructions on setting up Yeastar Desk Booking system.

For more information, see Set up Yeastar Desk Booking System.

Q: How do employees book desks?

Employees can book desks through the following methods:

Q: We have many desks in our office, how can employees find their preferred ones?

Yeastar Workplace provides interactive floor maps to display the office layout at a glance. You can mark the desk resources on the map to allow employees to quickly locate the preferred desk and book right on the map.

For more information, see Floor Map Overview.

Q: What is a Desk Occupancy Sensor?

The Desk Occupancy Sensor is a LoRa PIR sensor that can detect the real-time desk availability and automatically release unused seats.

For more information, see the following topics:
Q: What is an E-Ink Desk Screen?

Yeastar E-ink Desk Screen is a desk booking device designed for businesses looking to introduce hot desking and hybrid work.

An E-ink Screen displays the real-time desk availability, and enables employees to book and manage desk reservations through it.

For more information, see the following topics:


Q: What is a visit questionnaire?

A visit questionnaire is used to collect the desired information from your visitors. You can design dedicated questionnaires for different visit types.

For more information, see Add a Visit Type.

Q: How do I view the submitted questionnaire?
  1. Log in to Yeastar Workplace admin portal, go to Visit > Visit Log.
  2. Search and find the desired visit log.
  3. In the Operation column, click and select Check-in Questionnaire.
    • For individual visits, view the visit questionnaire in the pop-up window.
    • For group visits, click Check-in Questionnaire beside the desired visitor to view the questionnaire.
Q: How do employees invite visitors?

Employees can invite visitors (both individual visitor and group visitors) on Yeastar Workplace web portal.

For more information, see Invite Visitors.

Q: Does Yeastar Workplace support visitor self-registration?

Yes. Yeastar Workplace supports visitor self-registration, which allows external parties to submit visit requests to your company, and only when the visit requests are approved will the visits be scheduled.

For more information, see Set up Visitor Self-Registration.

Q: What is a Visitor Screen?

A Visitor Screen is a display screen located in the reception areas to provide better visitor reception services.

A Visitor Screen provides the following key features:

  • Enable visitors to check-in
  • Enable visitors to self-register
  • Display the custom branding interface

For more information, see Visitor Screen Setup Overview.