Google Workspace Integration Overview

By integrating Yeastar Workplace with Google Workspace, you can synchronize existing room resources from your Google Workspace to Yeastar Workplace, and keep meeting room calendars stay in sync between the two platforms. In this way, users can continue to book meeting rooms from their familiar system - Google calendar, and administrators can manage meeting rooms and reservations efficiently and centrally on Yeastar Workplace.


  • Google Workspace Plan: Business Starter / Business Standard / Business Plus / Enterprise

  • Yeastar Workplace Plan: Standard Plan or Pro Plan

Key features

The integration of Yeastar Workplace and Google Workspace provides the following key features.
Room resources mapping
Map your existing meeting room resources from Google Workspace to Yeastar Workplace.
Two-way synchronization of meeting schedules
Meeting schedules and changes made from either Yeastar Workplace or Google calendar are automatically synced to the other platform, thus avoiding conflicts in booking rooms.
Enhanced meeting room management
With the advanced room settings and room reports that Yeastar Workplace provides, you can manage how and when users can book meeting rooms and have a full overview of how meeting rooms are being used.

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