Microsoft Outlook Integration Overview

Yeastar Workplace provides an Outlook add-in Yeastar Workplace for Outlook, which can implement seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook. With the add-in deployed on the Outlook clients, users can search for available meeting rooms with specific room attributes and book the desired one when creating Outlook events.


Yeastar Workplace
  • Plan: Standard Plan or Pro Plan
Microsoft Outlook
  • Outlook version:
    • Outlook for Windows 2013 or later
    • Outlook for macOS 2013 or later
    • Outlook for Web
  • Exchange version:
    • Exchange Online
    • Exchange Server 2013 or later


Make sure that Yeastar Workplace is integrated with either Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange.
Note: The integration of Yeastar Workplace and Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange implements the synchronization of Outlook room resources to Yeastar Workplace. This enables the ‘Yeastar Workplace for Outlook’ add-in to retrieve available meeting room resources and synchronize meeting room schedules in real-time between both platforms.

Key features

Quick room booking within Outlook
When creating Outlook events, users can have a view of available room resources and the room details, and directly book a meeting room using the add-in.
Room filter & Room service
Users can utilize multiple filters (location, capacity, and facility) to quickly find suitable meeting rooms, and book room cleaning or other meeting services as needed.
Optimal room and time recommendation
Recommend the optimal meeting room and reservation time based on users' event schedule.
Automatic synchronization of room schedules
Automatically synchronize room reservations and related changes to Yeastar Workplace web portal and the associated Room Displays in real time to avoid scheduling conflicts.