Deploy 'Yeastar Workplace for Outlook' Add-in

This topic describes how to integrate Yeastar Workplace with Microsoft Outlook by deploying 'Yeastar Workplace for Outlook' add-in to your users' Outlook clients on Microsoft admin center.


Yeastar Workplace
  • Plan: Standard Plan or Pro Plan
Microsoft Outlook
  • Outlook version:
    • Outlook for Windows 2013 or later
    • Outlook for macOS 2013 or later
    • Outlook for Web
  • Exchange version:
    • Exchange Online
    • Exchange Server 2013 or later


  • Make sure that your Microsoft 365 account has the role of Global Administrator.
  • Make sure that Yeastar Workplace is integrated with either Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange.
    Note: The integration of Yeastar Workplace and Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange implements the synchronization of Outlook room resources to Yeastar Workplace. This enables the ‘Yeastar Workplace for Outlook’ add-in to retrieve available meeting room resources and synchronize meeting room schedules in real-time between both platforms.

Step 1. Obtain the manifest file URL

'Yeastar Workplace for Outlook' add-in is deployed via a manifest file, you need to obtain the manifest file's URL of the Outlook add-in from Yeastar Workplace web portal.

  1. Log in to Yeastar Workplace admin portal, go to Integration > Add-in.
  2. In the Outlook Add-in section, note down the Add-in Manifest file URL.

Step 2. Deploy 'Yeastar Workplace for Outlook' add-in

Deploy 'Yeastar Workplace for Outlook' add-in on Microsoft admin center, and specify which users have access to this add-in.

  1. Log in to Microsoft admin center with a Global Administrator account.
  2. Access the add-in deployment page.

    1. On the left panel, go to Settings > Integrated apps.
    2. Click Add-ins.
  3. Upload the manifest file of 'Yeastar Workplace for Outlook' add-in.
    1. Click Deploy Add-in and click Next.

    2. Click Upload custom apps.

    3. Select I have a URL for the manifest file and enter the manifest file URL of 'Yeastar Workplace for Outlook' add-in.

    4. Click Upload.
  4. Assign the access permission and select deployment method for this add-in.
    1. In the Assign Users section, decide which users have access to this add-in.
      • Everyone: All employees in your organization (and in your domain) can access this add-in.
      • Specific users/groups: Only specific users or groups from your Active Directory can access this add-in.
      • Just me: Only you can access this add-in.
    2. In the Deployment method section, choose the Fixed (Default).
  5. Click Deploy.


You have deployed 'Yeastar Workplace for Outlook' for the assigned users. Next time the assigned users open their Outlook clients, they can access the add-in from the ribbons and book meeting rooms through it.