Yeastar Workplace Wayfinding Overview

Yeastar Workplace provides a Wayfinding solution to help visitors easily find their way through a building. With Yeastar Workplace Wayfinding, you can put meeting room information on any web-enabled screen via a URL to provide room directions for visitors and offer a real-time view of meeting room availability and meeting schedules for employees.


Yeastar Workplace
  • Plan: Standard Plan or Pro Plan
Wayfinding Screen
Note: Yeastar Workplace Wayfinding solution doesn't require a specialized display screen. Any screen that meets the following requirements can be used as a Wayfinding screen.
  • Size: 16-inch to 100-inch
  • Network Capability: Has access to the Internet
  • Web Browser: Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera

Key features

Give clear directions
Display a list of meeting rooms with simple directional arrows and distance indicators to help visitors find their way through a building.
Visualize meeting schedules
Show meeting room status and details of current and upcoming meetings in the next 12 hours to help employees check room availability and make reservations.
Flexible display screen
Work on any web-enabled screen, easily matching your workspace needs.