Microsoft Teams Integration Overview

By integrating Yeastar Workplace with Microsoft Teams, users can use all Yeastar Workplace features within Microsoft Teams, including booking meeting rooms, managing room bookings, and receiving timely notifications.


  • Yeastar Workplace Plan: Standard Plan or Pro Plan
  • Yeastar Workplace is integrated with Microsoft 365

    Note: If the Microsoft 365 integration is not completed, all room bookings made on Microsoft Teams will not sync with Outlook calendar and Teams calendar.
  • The integration with Microsoft Teams is supported on the following editions:

    • Microsoft 365 Business Basic

    • Microsoft 365 Business Standard

    • Microsoft 365 Business Premium

    • Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Key features

The integration of Yeastar Workplace and Microsoft Teams provides the following key features.
Seamless operation in different systems
Access Yeastar Workplace web portal and enjoy all the features directly in Microsoft Teams without having to switch between platforms.
Timely notifications
Receive timely notifications of events scheduled by Yeastar Workplace (including meetings, desk reservations, and visit schedules) within Microsoft Teams.
Linking meetings between Teams and Yeastar Workplace
Support generating a Teams meeting link when booking meetings using Yeastar Workplace. Teams users can click on the link to join the meeting.
Meeting room schedule sync
The meeting room schedule will be synchronized with Outlook calendar and Teams calendar to keep your calendars up to date.

Integration process

To integrate Yeastar Workplace with Microsoft Teams, you need to complete the following steps:

Step 1. Authorize Yeastar Workplace in Teams for your organization.

Step 2. Guide your colleagues to integrate Yeastar Workplace with their Teams accounts.