Floor Map Overview

Floor maps are interactive tools to visualize meeting rooms and desks in your workplace, which allows you to know the occupancy status of meeting rooms and desks at a glance, and make reservations directly from the map.


Yeastar Workplace Plan: Standard Plan or Pro Plan


After you set up the floor map, the following can be achieved:
  • On Yeastar Workplace Admin Portal
    • You can add and manage meeting rooms and desks on the floor map directly.

    • You can set booking rules for desks based on the seating layout to allocate team space and enable social distancing.

  • On Yeastar Workplace User Portal
    • Users can view the real-time booking status of meeting rooms and desks, and book the desired room/desk directly on the map.

    • Users can locate colleagues, specific meeting rooms, and desks on the floor map.

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