Add and Mark Meeting Rooms on the Map

This topic describes how to add and mark meeting rooms on the floor map.


Background information

Yeastar Workplace supports 3 types of room resources, and the room type determines whether and how users can book this meeting room:
Regular Meeting Room
Regular Meeting Rooms can be booked by any user with booking permission, through Yeastar Workplace web portal and their associated Room Displays.
Request-only Room

Request-only Rooms can only be booked on Yeastar Workplace web portal. When users with booking permission try to book a Request-only Room, they need to submit a reservation request first, and only when the request is approved will the room be booked.

You can specify the approver(s) for each Request-only Room, and specify which users can directly book Request-only Rooms without approval.

Note: If you want to add Request-only Rooms, ensure that you have enabled and set up meeting room approvals.
Dedicated Meeting Room
Dedicated Meeting Rooms are for specific use and can NOT be booked by any users on Yeastar Workplace web portal.


  1. Log in to Yeastar Workplace admin portal, go to Location, then click the desired building.
  2. Select the desired floor and click Configure Map.
  3. Add and mark meeting rooms.

    1. In the top bar, click Meeting Room and select an icon style.

    2. Click on desired locations on the map to add and mark meeting rooms.

    3. Right-click the map and select Cancel to quit marking mode.

    4. Optional: Click & drag to select the icons and adjust the size and position.

  4. Select the desired room resources and edit the basic room details on the right panel.
  5. Click Save at the top-right corner.


  • The meeting room resources are added to the system and marked on the floor map. You can view and manage the meeting room resources in the following methods:
    • Go to Location, access the map configuration panel of the floor where the meeting room is marked.
    • Go to Meeting Room > Room Management, search and find the desired meeting room resource.
  • The marked meeting rooms are displayed on the Map tab of Yeastar Workplace user portal, and the following functions are achieved.
    • Users can view the real-time booking status of meeting rooms by the color of the icons.

    • Users can click the icon of a meeting room to make reservations.

    • Users can locate specific rooms on the floor map.

Note: If you want to configure booking rules and check-in/check-out settings for Regular Rooms and Request-only Rooms, you can configure the Booking Settings and Check-in/End Settings for the desired meeting room resources (path: Meeting Room > Room Management > ).