Room Comfort Sensor – Setup Overview

This topic provides step-by-step instructions on setting up Room Comfort Sensor for Yeastar meeting room booking system.


  • Yeastar Workplace plan: Pro Plan
  • Device Model: Milesight Room Comfort Sensor AM307


  • You have added room resources in Yeastar Workplace.
  • You have set up one of the following devices:
    • Yeastar Room Display DS7510 with the hardware version x.x.x.x-r3 or later
      Note: To view the hardware version, go to Device List and click of the desired Room Display, then go to Basic Info > Hardware Version.

Setup process

1. Register Room Comfort Sensors
Register Room Comfort Sensors to Yeastar Workplace so the devices can interact with the system.

For more information, see Register a Room Comfort Sensor.

2. Install Room Comfort Sensors
Get to know the package contents, hardware overview, and how to install the device.

For more information, see Install Room Comfort Sensor AM307.

3. Check the status of Room Comfort Sensor
Check the device status and learn how Room Comfort Sensors enhance the experience of room bookings.

For more information, see Check the Status of Room Comfort Sensor.

4. Optional: Get familiar with Room Comfort Sensor
Get familiar with the screen interface, button, indicator and learn how to switch the screen display modes.

For more information, see Get Familiar with Room Comfort Sensor.