Set up Contact Visibility

By default, all the users can neither manage nor view company contacts. To allow specific users to manage or view company contacts, you can set up company contacts visibility as the instructions provided in this topic.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Extension and Trunk > Client Permission > Contact Visibility.
  2. Click Add rule to create a contact visibility rule.
  3. Set up the rule:

    1. Select desired values from the drop-down lists.
      • Extension/Extension Group/Organization: Click to select desired extensions, extension groups, or departments, for which you want to grant the viewing permission or management permission.
      • Permission Type: Select an option from the drop-down list to define the permission.
        • Allow view: Allow to view the phonebooks that are selected in Objects.
        • Allow manage: Allow to view, add, edit, or delete the phonebooks that are selected in Objects.
      • Objects: Click to select desired phonebooks that are allowed to be viewed or managed.
    2. Click Save.


  • On Linkus clients, the authorized users can view or manage company contacts.
  • On auto-provisioned Yealink IP phones, the authorized users can view company contacts.

    For more information, see Allow Users to Query Contacts on IP Phones.