Set up a One-way Paging Group

One-way Paging feature allows a broadcaster to make an announcement to users. The called parties' phones will not ring, but instead directly answering into speakerphone mode. This topic describes how to set up a one-way paging group.


A company has different departments on different floors in a building. Each department is deployed with a phone for communication. The boss has an urgent case that needs to confirm with marketers. In this case, you can set up a One-way paging group for Marketing Department. The boss can make a paging call to the department and ask marketers concerned to go to the office.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Call Features > Paging/Intercom, click Add.
  2. Configure a one-way paging group.

    • Number: Enter a number for the paging group. In this example, enter 6600.
    • Name: Enter a name for the paging group. In this example, enter Marketing Department.
    • Type: Select One-way Paging.
    • Prompt: Optional. To play a prompt before making an announcement, you can select a custom prompt. In this example, leave it as None.
      Note: To customize a prompt, see Record a Custom Prompt or Upload a Custom Prompt.
    • Broadcaster: Optional. To restrict users from making an announcement to the paging group, select allowed extensions or extension groups from the drop-down list. In this example, leave it blank.
    • Dial * to Answer: Optional. To allow users to dial * to talk to the broadcaster privately, enable this option. In this example, keep the option disabled.
      Note: When a user dials *, announcement will terminate, and the user can have a private talk with the broadcaster.
    • Members: Select desired members from Available box to Selected box. In this example, select Marketing Department.
  3. Click Save and Apply.

What to do next

The boss dials 6600 from any endpoint with extension registered. The marketers' phones automatically answer into speakerphone mode.
Note: If called parties' extensions are registered on the following endpoints, these endpoints will ring first, instead of automatically answering into speakerphone mode.
  • Softphone, including Linkus Web Client, Linkus Mobile Client, and softphones of other brands.