Extension Call Accounting Details Report

Extension Call Accounting Details report provides granular insights into the bills for each outbound call made by extensions via specific trunks. This topic introduces how to access the report and explains the key metrics in detail.


You have set up at least one call rate rule, otherwise the system wouldn't know how to charge outbound calls.

For more information, see Add a Call Rate Rule.

Access Extension Call Accounting Details report

  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Reports and Recordings > Call Reports.
  2. In the Report Type drop-down list, select Extension Call Accounting Details.

  3. Filter data by system time, extension(s), extension group(s), organization(s), or trunk.
    Note: Organization filter is displayed only when you enable Organization Management feature (Path: PBX Settings > Preferences).

    A report that meets the filter criteria is displayed on the page, as shown below.

Report details

We take the above report as an example to introduce the key metrics for Extension Call Accounting Details report.

Metric Description
Time When the outbound call was made.
Call To The callee number.
Talk Duration The time between call answered and call ended.
Amount The call cost.
Total Total talk duration and amount for extensions that make two or more outbound calls.
Total for All Total talk duration and amount for the selected extensions.
Note: This metric is displayed only when you set Trunk filter to a specific trunk.