Outbound Route Overview

An outbound route tells the Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition how to handle outbound calls based on pre-configured rules and criteria. When a user makes an outbound call, the system analyses the user's extension number and the dialed number, then routes the call through a matched outbound route.

Outbound Route matching criteria

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition provides the following criteria for you to configure outbound routes.

Dial Pattern
A dial pattern matches the dialed number and reformats the dialed number before sending the number out to the carrier.

For more information of dial patterns, see Outbound Dial Pattern.

Outbound Route Password

Users need to enter the PIN number before they can make calls through the outbound route.

Time Condition

A Time Condition defines when the outbound route is available.

Outbound Route priority

When a user makes an outbound call, the system compares the dialed number with the dial patterns in each outbound route (from highest to lowest priority) until a match is found.

  • If the first outbound route is matched, the system will place the call through the outbound route.
  • If the first outbound route is not matched, the system will check the second outbound route, and so on.

For more information, see Adjust priority of outbound routes.