AutoCLIP Route Overview

Yeastar provides AutoCLIP (Auto Calling Line Identification Presentation) feature, which is an intelligent call matching feature. You can configure AutoCLIP to route customer inbound calls to original extensions, which will promote your customer satisfaction and help your business be more efficient, and professional.


The AutoCLIP list supports up to 100,000 records.


Assume that sales representatives in your company often make outbound calls to customers for promotion. More or less, some customers may miss the calls. When customers call back, the calls are routed to the receptionist or business auto attendant. Neither receptionist/business auto attendant nor the customers know who placed the call.

With AutoCLIP feature, the PBX can redirect the calls to the original extension users who placed the calls when customers call back. Using this feature, you can avoid the embarrassing situation that customers cannot find the person when they call back to the PBX.

How does the PBX redirect calls to original extensions?

  1. When extension users make outbound calls, the PBX automatically stores the records to AutoCLIP list, including extension number, called number, and the used trunk.
  2. When customers call back to the PBX system, PBX will compare the phone numbers with the records in the AutoCLIP list.
    • If there're matched records in AutoCLIP list, the calls will be routed to corresponding extensions, bypassing any receptionists or business auto attendant.
    • If there're not matched records in AutoCLIP list, the calls will be routed to the destination specified in inbound routes.