DID Number Overview

This topic describes what is DID number and DID usages on Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition.

What is a DID number?

Direct Inward Dialling (DID), also called Direct Dial-in (DDI), is a service offered by telephone companies. A telephone company usually assigns a range of numbers to a trunk. There is an extra charge for the DID numbers, you need to contact the trunk provider to purchase DID numbers.

DID usages

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition allows you to configure DID numbers on an inbound route or a trunk to achieve different functions.

DID configuration on an inbound route
  • A company can use DID numbers to identify incoming calls of different purposes, such as incoming calls for customer service, sales, etc.
  • DID numbers can also be assigned to individual employees. In this way, callers can dial directly into extension users on the Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition.
For more information, see Route Inbound Calls based on DID Numbers.
DID configuration on a trunk
  • For SIP Register Trunk

    For a SIP Register Trunk, if ITSP provides DID numbers that are different from SIP authentication name, you need to add the provided DID numbers on the trunk, or inbound calls through this trunk would fail.

  • Identify inbound calls

    To identify which DID number is dialed, you can bind each DID number with a DID name.

For more information, see Configure DID Numbers on a Trunk.