Inbound Route Overview

An inbound route allows external callers to reach your system and routes the inbound calls to a specific destination based on the pre-configured rules and criteria.

Types of inbound call routing

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition has the following types of inbound call routing based on different criteria, such as time, DID numbers, and Caller IDs.

  • If you don't specify any criteria on an inbound route, there will be no restriction on the inbound route. The system will route all inbound calls to the inbound route destination.
  • You can set up multiple criteria on an inbound route. For example, route inbound calls based on time and DID number, or route inbound calls based on DID number and Caller ID number.
Time-based call routing
Time-based call routing connects callers to a destination based on the time that they call. The inbound calls are handled differently according to your company's time schedules.
For more information, see the following topics:
DID-based call routing
DID-based call routing connects callers to a destination based on the phone numbers (also known as DID) that the callers dial. Only when the dialed DID numbers match the DID rules on the inbound route will the calls be routed to the destination.
For more information, see Route Inbound Calls based on DID Numbers.
Caller-ID-based call routing

Caller-ID-based call routing allows you to accept or reject calls based on the caller's phone number. Inbound calls that match the Caller ID pattern on PBX will be routed to the pre-configured destination. For those unmatched, calls can not be established.

For more information, see Route Inbound Calls based on Caller ID and Route Inbound Calls by Matched Phonebook Contacts.

Inbound route destinations

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition provides various inbound destinations to meet your business needs.

The following options are available to help you decide the inbound route destinations:

  • Extension
  • Extension Voicemail
  • Group Voicemail
  • Match Selected Extensions
  • DID Range to Extension Range
  • DID Pattern to Selected Extensions
  • IVR
  • Ring Group
  • Queue
  • Conference
  • External Number
  • Outbound Route
  • Fax to Email
  • Hang up
  • Play Greeting then Hang up