Create a Ring Group

This topic describes how to create a ring group.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Call Features > Ring Group, click Add.
  2. Configure the ring group.
    • Number: Enter a virtual number for callers to access the group.

      The default ring group number range is from 6300 to 6399.

    • Name: Enter a group name to help you identify it.
    • Ring Strategy: Select a ring method to distribute calls to members.
      • Ring All: Ring all available extensions simultaneously.
      • Ring Sequentially: Ring all available extensions sequentially.
      • Memory Hunt: Ring the first available extension in the list. If no answer within the ring time, progressively add the next available extension to ring, until all the available extensions in the list rang.
    • Ring Group Alert Info: Optional. Set an "alert info text" to add to Alert-info header in INVITE request for ring group calls.

      When receiving a ring group call, the phone will inspect "Alert-Info" header to determine which ring tone it should use for ringing.

    • Ring Timeout (s): Set a number of seconds that the system waits before ringing next member or routing the call to Failover Destination.
    • Members: Select the desired extensions from the Available box to the Selected box.
    • Failover Destination: Select a destination to route the call when no member answers the call within ring time.
      • Hang up: End the current call.
      • Extension: Route the call to the specified extension.
      • Extension Voicemail: Route the call to voicemail box of the specified extension.
      • Group Voicemail: Route the call to voicemail box of a queue, a ring group, or a custom group.
      • IVR: Route the call to the specified IVR.
      • Ring Group: Route the call to another ring group.
      • Queue: Route the call to the specified queue.
      • External Number: Route the call to an external number.
      • Play Prompt and Exit: Play a custom prompt, and then hang up the call.
    • Record Missed Calls: Decide whether to record missed calls from ring group.
      • This option is available only when both Ring Strategy and Failover Destination are set to the followings:
        • Ring Strategy is set to Ring All or Memory Hunt.
        • Failover Destination is set to Extension, Queue, or Ring Group.
      • You can also set up email alert on missed calls from ring group for members. To achieve this, enable this option, then turn on email notifications on missed calls for members. For more information, see Set up Email Notifications for Missed Calls.
  3. Click Save and Apply.

What to do next

Set up an inbound route, and specify the destination to the queue.