Create an On-Demand Backup

This topic describes how to manually back up PBX configurations.


Before backing up configuration data, you need to decide the followings:


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Maintenance > Backup and Restore, click Backup.
  2. Configure backup settings.
    • File Name: Retain the default name or enter a name to help you identify it.
    • Comments: Add a note to the backup file.
    • Storage Location: Select a location to save the backup file.
      Note: To prevent backup failure in case of disconnection to external device or network drive, we recommend that you save the backup file on the local flash (LOCAL).
    • The backup file will include: Select the items that will be backed up.
      • System Configuration: All the configurations on the system.
      • Custom Prompts
      • CDR
      • Company Contacts and Phonebooks Settings
        Note: The option is available for Enterprise/Ultimate Plan.
      • Company Contacts
        Note: The option is available for Basic Plan.
      • Chat Data for External Chat
  3. Click Save.


The created backup file is displayed in Backup and Restore list and is stored in the selected location.