Add a Regular Meeting Room

Regular Meeting Rooms can be booked by any user with booking permission via Yeastar Workplace web portal or the associated Room Displays. This topic describes how to add a Regular Meeting Room on Yeastar Workplace admin portal.


  1. Log in to Yeastar Workplace admin portal.
  2. Go to Meeting Room > Room Management, then click Add.

  3. In the Basic Information tab, configure the meeting room information.
    Setting Description
    Room Name Specify a name to help you and your colleagues identify this meeting room.
    Building In the drop-down list, select the building where the meeting room is located.
    Floor In the drop-down list, select the floor where the meeting room is located.
    Capacity Enter the maximum number of people the room can accommodate to help users find a room that matched their meeting size.
    Facility In the drop-down list, select the available facilities in the meeting room. You can add or delete facilities as needed.
    Booking Type In the drop-down list, select Regular Meeting Room.
    Users with Room Booking Permission In the drop-down list, select which users or groups can book the meeting room.
    Remark Optional. Enter remark for this meeting room.
  4. Click the Booking Settings tab, and set booking rules to manage how and when users can book this meeting room.
    Setting Description
    Restrict Schedules to Working Hours Decide whether to restrict meeting room booking to company working hours.
    Note: To view or set the working hours, go to Location and click of the desired building, then go to Edit > Time Preferences > Working Hours.
    • Enabled: The meeting rooms can only be booked during working hours.
    • Disabled: The meeting rooms can be booked at any time.
    Minimum Duration of a Meeting Specify the minimum duration of a meeting room that can be booked.
    Maximum Duration of a Meeting Specify the maximum duration for a meeting room that can be booked.
    Advance Booking Window Specify how far in advance users can book meeting rooms.
    Allow Recurring Booking Decide whether users can schedule recurring meeting room reservations.
  5. Click the Check-in/End-Settings tab, and configure the following settings.
    • Enable Check-in: Decide whether users need to check in to confirm their reserviation when using the meeting room.
      • If check-in is NOT required: Select Disable.
      • If check-in is required: Select Enable, and configure the following settings.
        Setting Description
        Advance Check-in Window Specify how far in advance users can check in to their meeting room reservations.

        The system will send a reminder to users with check-in permission when it reaches the pre-configured time.

        Permission to Check in Decide who can check in for meeting room reservations.
        Release the Meeting Room Upon Check-in Timeout The check in timeout refers to the latest time that users can check in after the meeting has started.
        • Enable: If no check-in occurs within the check-in timeout, the system will automatically release this meeting room. You can specify the check-in timeout in the drop-down list next to it.
        • Disable: The meeting room will not be released, even if no check-in occurs.
    • Permission to End: Decide who can end meetings.
    • Participants Check-in Count: Decide whether to enable check-in for meeting participants, so that the system can record and display the actual attendees for a meeting.
  6. Click Save.
    Note: You can customize the settings in the Smart Device Settings tab after you set up smart devices for Yeastar Meeting Room Booking system.


You have added a Regular Meeting Room resource, which is displayed on Yeastar Workplace user portal. Users with booking permission can click the desired time slot to book this meeting room.

What to do next

Mark room resources on your floor map, so users can book meeting rooms from the map directly.

For more information, see Mark Existing Desks and Rooms on Floor Maps.