Monitor Time Condition Status

This topic describes how to set BLF keys on IP phones to monitor time condition status. In this way, if users override time condition, they can know which time period the system is working and where inbound calls would be routed.

Background information

Users have two ways to monitor time condition status:

Monitor time condition status on IP phone
For the users who want to monitor time condition status on their phones, you can set a BLF key for each user.
Monitor time condition status on Operator Panel

The users who have permission to access the Operator Panel can monitor time condition status on the web page directly. For more information, see Operator Panel User Guide.


Only time condition for Global Business Hours can be monitored.


Only the authorized extension user can monitor and switch time condition status. For more information, see Allow Users to Override Time Condition by Feature Code.


The following instruction describes BLF key configurations by Auto Provisioning.
Note: Users can also set function keys on their own IP phones manually. For more information, contact the phone manufacturer.
  1. Assign function keys for extension users to monitor time condition status.
    1. Log in to PBX management portal, go to Extension and Trunk > Extension, click beside the desired extension.
    2. Click the Function Keys tab.
    3. Configure function keys.
      Note: The number of programmable keys varies by phone models. If the number of function keys you assign to an extension exceeds the number of programmable keys, the redundant function keys cannot take effect.

      • Type: Select BLF.
      • Value: Enter the feature code of Switch Global Business Hours and Holidays Status (*99).
      • Label: Optional. Enter a value, which will be displayed on the phone screen.
    4. Click Save.
  2. If the extension has been provisioned and associated with a phone, reprovision the phone to take effect.
    1. Go to Auto Provisioning > Phones.
    2. Click beside the phone assigned to this extension.
  3. If the extension hasn't be associated with a phone, see the following topics to bind a phone with the extension.


The function key settings are automatically updated on the phone and different status of BLF LED indicates different status.

  • Red: The system is in the status of Outside Business Hours or Holidays.
  • Green: The system is in the status of Business Hours.
  • Off: The BLF configurations are incorrect.