Distinctive Ringtone Overview

This topic describes what is Distinctive ringtone, applications, and how does Distinctive ringtone work.

What is Distinctive ringtone

Distinctive ringtone is an effective feature for businesses. Distinctive ringtone allows employees to distinguish incoming calls without looking at the Caller Name or Caller ID on the phone display.

For example, company may have different ring groups or queues for the sales team, the customer service team, and the support team. This could all be fed from IVR where the caller presses 1, 2, or 3 that equates to each team. For smaller businesses that have the same employee answering most of the calls, separating each business by its own distinctive ringtone can make the employee quickly identify who is calling or if the call is for him/her.

Important: Distinctive ringtone is not support on all SIP phones. Make sure that your phones support playing distinctive ringtone by "alert info text".


How does Distinctive ringtone work

Distinctive ringtone feature allows certain incoming calls to trigger IP phones to play specific ringtones. The achievement of distinctive ringtone relies on an "alert info text".
  1. Yeastar P-Series PBX System adds an "alert info text" in Alert-Info header for incoming calls, and then sends the incoming call (an INVITE request with the Alert-Info header) to the IP phone.
  2. The IP phone inspects the INVITE request for an "Alert-Info" header, strips out the "alert info text", and then plays corresponding ringtone associated with the "alert info text".