Allow Users to Override Time Condition on Operator Panel

By default, all the users can NOT override time condition. To allow users to override time condition on Operator Panel, follow instructions in the topic to grant permissions to specific users.


On Operator Panel, only time condition for Global Business Hours can be overridden.


The permission of time condition override can only be assigned to extension group managers. Follow the instructions below to grant permissions to extension group managers.

Note: If you want to grant permissions to a specific user, you can assign a custom user type to the member, and customize permissions. For more information, see Assign a custom user type to a group member.
  1. Log in to PBX management portal, go to Extension and Trunk > Extension Group.
  2. Select an extension group, and click .
  3. On the Extension Group page, click Group Permissions tab.
  4. In the Permission Configuration section, select the checkbox of Switch Business Hours and Holidays status.

  5. Click Save and Apply.


On Operator Panel, the user whose user type is Manager can click to override time condition for Global Business Hours.

For more information, see Operator Panel User Guide.