Email Sent Logs

This topic introduces email sent logs and describes how to query logs.

Email sent logs overview

Email sent logs allow you to monitor mail delivery and provide you with error messages to help you troubleshoot delivery issues more quickly.
Storage of email sent logs
Email sent logs are saved in local storage, you can NOT change the storage location.
Auto cleanup of email sent logs
By default, when logs reach 50,000, the newest logs will replace the oldest logs. You can change the value, or restrict how long logs can be saved.
For more information, see Auto Cleanup Settings.

Query email sent logs

  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to System > Email > Email Sent Logs.
  2. Query logs by the following criteria according to your needs.
    • Send Result: Query all logs or query logs by send result.
    • Email Template Name: Query logs by email template.
    • Generated Time: Query logs by the generated date and time.
    • Email Recipient: Query logs by emails' recipients.

    After logs are filtered, you can hover your mouse over Failed beside the failed log to check the error message.