Wake-up Call

This topic describes the synchronization of wake-up calls between Oracle Hospitality OPERA and Yeastar P-Series Software Edition.

Wake-up call sync with OPERA PMS

After integrating OPERA PMS and Yeastar PBX, the wake-up call service can be automated and enhanced using the wake-up call rules provided by Yeastar PBX.

When wake-up call service is set for guest rooms in OPERA PMS, the PBX synchronizes the alarm settings from PMS and automatically makes calls to the room phones at the specified time based on the wake-up call rule set on PBX.

To set wake-up call rule on PBX, do as follows:

  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Integrations > PMS.
  2. In the Wake-up Call Service section, set the rule of wake-up call.
    Setting Description
    Ringing Timeout (s) Set the ringing timeout duration for wake-up calls (Unit: Second).
    • Default Value: 20
    • Permitted Value: 5 to 300
    Repeated Rings Select the number of times you want to repeat the call if guests don't answer the wake-up call.
    • Default Value: 0 (means ringing a room phone only once)
    • Permitted Value: 1, 2, 3
    Ring Interval (min) Set the interval between each repeat (Unit: Minute).
    • Default Value: 10
    • Permitted Value: 1 to 30
    Voice Prompt

    Select the prompt to be played when guests answer wake-up calls.

    You can select an existing prompt from the drop-down list, or click Upload to upload a prompt.

    Note: Prompts in the drop-down list are synchronized from PBX Settings > Voice Prompt > Custom Prompt.

  3. Click Save.


In this example, we schedule a wake-up call for guest "Leo Ball" (room extension 1001) at 04:45 PM, the PBX automatically calls the room phone at 04:45 PM. We then search in OPERA PMS to find that the alarm status has been updated from Pending to Completed.