Oracle Hospitality OPERA Integration with Yeastar P-Series Software Edition

Yeastar P-Series Software Edition supports direct integration with Oracle Hospitality OPERA using FIAS (Fidelio Interface Application Specification) protocol, without the need for additional middleware. The integration enables efficient guest information management, streamlined business operations, and enhanced guest experience.

Integration overview

Yeastar P-Series Software Edition connects with Oracle Hospitality OPERA through Hotel Property Interface (IFC8) using FIAS protocol.

The following typology shows the integration within local area network:

To implement the integration, make sure that your Yeastar environment and Oracle environment meet the following requirements:

Environment Requirement
  • PBX Version:
  • PBX Add-on Subscription: Hotel PMS Integration
    Tip: Yeastar offers paid subscription and 30-day Free Trial for the add-on service. You can go to Plan > Add-on Subscription to try or subscribe to the service as needed.

  • We recommend that you contact your PMS provider to upgrade your Oracle environment to the version specified below or higher.
  • IFC8 and Yeastar PBX must be in the SAME local area network.
  • PMS Version: OPERA 5 (version 5.6) or OPERA Cloud
  • IFC8 Version:
  • FIAS Version: 2.20.25

Integration highlights

Guest Information and Room Move Sync
Assign guest name to the room extension when check-in or room move is done in the PMS, making it easier to identify the guest on the receptionist's display.
Wake-up Call Scheduling
Set alarm time and frequency via OPERA PMS and set wake-up call rule via Yeastar PBX. The PBX will synchronize the alarm settings from PMS, and automatically make a call to the room phone based on the wake-up call rule at the specified time.
Calls/Minibar Billing
  • Send guest room outbound call data from PBX to OPERA PMS and add charges to the guest's bill.
  • Post minibar charges by dialing feature codes on the room phone.
DND & Housekeeping Sync
  • Update DND status for guest's room phone via OPERA PMS. The PBX will adjust extension presence and settings based on the DND status change made in OPERA PMS.
  • Update housekeeping status by dialing feature codes on the room phone. The PBX will synchronize the status change to OPERA PMS.