This topic describes the synchronization of housekeeping status between Oracle Hospitality OPERA and Yeastar P-Series Software Edition.

Housekeeping sync with OPERA PMS

After integrating OPERA PMS and Yeastar PBX, hotel staffs can update the housekeeping status of guest rooms by dialing {housekeeping_status_code}{maid_status_code} directly from the room phone, the change of housekeeping status will be synchronized to OPERA PMS.

The following table describes the status codes in detail:

Housekeeping Status Code

(Specified by Yeastar PBX)

Maid Status Code

(Specified by FIAS Protocol)

Code Description Code Description
The call prefix indicates that the call is to update housekeeping status.
Note: You can change the default code on Call Features > Feature Code > PMS Integration > Housekeeping Status.

1 Dirty/Vacant
2 Dirty/Occupied
3 Clean/Vacant
4 Clean/Occupied
5 Inspected/Vacant
6 Inspected/Occupied


In this example, we dial *614 from the desk phone in "Room 1001". After hearing the prompt "Operated Successfully. Thank you. Goodbye.", we hung up the call, then search to find that the room status has been updated to Clean in OPERA PMS.