Do Not Disturb (DND)

This topic describes the synchronization of Do Not Disturb (DND) status between Oracle Hospitality OPERA and Yeastar P-Series Software Edition.

DND sync with OPERA PMS

When the DND status of a guest room is updated in OPERA PMS, the PBX updates the presence of the associated extension accordingly.

The following table shows the mapping between the DND status of OPERA PMS and the extension presence of Yeastar PBX:

OPERA PMS (Room Status) Yeastar PBX (Extension Presence)
ON - Do Not Disturb ON Do Not Disturb
OFF - Do Not Disturb OFF Available


In this example, we enable DND for "Room 1001" in OPERA PMS. We can see the presence of "Extension 1001" has been automatically updated to Do Not Disturb in the PBX.