Linkus Login Overview

Linkus allows you to log in to Mobile Client using different methods, including logging in with your extension account by scanning QR code, copying login link, entering login information, or directly logging in with a third-party account.

Extension account login

You can log in to Linkus with your extension account using QR code, login link, or manually-entered login information.

Quick login
After you receive a Linkus welcome email, you can obtain a QR code and a login link from the email, via which you can quickly log in to Linkus Mobile Client.
For more information, see the following topics:
Manual login
You need to contact system administrator to obtain your extension account username and password, as well as the network information of Linkus Server, then manually enter the information to log in.
For more information, see Log in to Linkus with Extension Account Using Manually-Entered Credentials.

Third-party account login

If system administrator has integrated the server with a third-party system, you can directly log in to Linkus Mobile Client with the third-party account.