Yeastar Linkus SDK Introduction

Yeastar P-Series PBX System provides Linkus Software Development Kit (SDK) for custom development, enabling developers to integrate the SDK into third-party projects to add calling, CDR, and more Linkus UC Clients' functionalities to third-party applications.


Make sure that your PBX server meets the following requirements:
  • Firmware: or later
  • Plan: Ultimate Plan (UP)


Supported platforms

Linkus SDK supports cross-platform development and can be integrated with existing applications, web pages, or platforms to streamline the development process and quickly implement call functionalities.

Key features

Refer to the table below for the key features supported by Linkus SDK for different platforms.

Android iOS macOS Windows Web
Basic Call Features 1:1 Voice Call
Make a Second Call
Call Transfer (Attended & Blind)
Call Hold & Resume
Call Mute
Call Recording
Call Waiting
Advanced Call Features Multi-party Call (Up to 5 parties)
Conference Call (Up to 9 parties)
Audio Codec Selection
Audio Input Device Selection
Call Quality Monitoring
CDR Query and Management Query CDR Record
Delete CDR Record
Query the Number of Missed Calls
System Push Notifications Incoming Call Push Notification
Missed Call Push Notification