Check and Manage Voicemails

This topic describes how to check and manage your voicemails on Linkus Mobile Client.

Note: Changes made to voicemails on Linkus Mobile Client will be synchronized to Linkus Web Client and Linkus Desktop Client.


  1. On Linkus Mobile Client, go to Calls > Voicemail.
    Note: If there exists unread voicemails, a badge will appear on the Voicemail tab, displaying the number of unread voicemails.
  2. Optional: At the top-left corner, select a read status to filter voicemails.

  3. In the list, check and manage your voicemails.
    Play a voicemail
    Tap to play the voicemail.
    Tip: If it is a group voicemail, you can tap to see whether other group members have read the voicemail.
    View a transcript of a voicemail
    Note: This operation is available only if system administrator has set up voicemail transcription feature.
    1. Tap the desired voicemail.
    2. In the expanded panel, tap to view the transcribed voicemail text.

    Change read status of a voicemail
    1. Long press the desired voicemail
    2. In the pop-up window, tap Unread or Read.

      The unread voicemail is marked with a red dot (), while the read voicemail is grayed out.

    Delete a voicemail
    1. Long press the desired voicemail.
    2. In the pop-up window, tap Delete.

      The voicemail is deleted from all your Linkus Clients.