Trunk Outbound Caller ID Parameters

Descriptions for parameters in exported and imported Trunk Outbound Caller ID CSV file.

Parameter Description Importance Restriction Default Value
Create Method The way to add outbound caller ID. Required Permitted value:
  • single: Shared Outbound Caller ID
  • range: Outbound Caller ID Range
Note: Create Method will be filled with default value single if you leave this field empty.
Outbound Caller ID The caller ID that is displayed on the callee's device for specific extensions. Required Numbers, letters, characters [ ] ( ) . - + * #, and placeholder {{.Ext}} are allowed.

The maximum character length is 31(for each caller ID).

For outbound caller id range:

  • Only numbers and character + (before numbers) are allowed. Fill in the start caller ID and the end caller ID with separator -, e.g. 5503301-5503310.
  • The start number and the end number must have the same amount of digits and both contain character + or neither. The range of start number and end number cannot exceed 500.
  • Then fill the extension range in Associated Extensions. The extension range and the outbound caller ID range must have the same amount of numbers.
Outbound Caller ID Name The caller ID that is displayed on the callee's device for specific extensions. Optional The maximum character length is 127. N/A
Associated Extensions The extensions that are associated with the Outbound Caller ID and Outbound Caller Name. Required Permitted value: one or more extension numbers and extension group names existed in PBX.
  • For multiple extensions or groups, please enter the numbers or names and use & as a separator, e.g. extension_number1&extension_number2&extension_group_name3.
  • If the extensions or groups you enter are not existing in PBX, it will be skipped.
  • For extension range, please fill in the start extension number and the end extension number with separator -, e.g. 1001-1010. The maximum number length is 7 (for each number).