Yeastar P-Series Software Edition

Release date: April 7, 2022

Improvements and bug fixes

System Capacity
Improved the system capacity.
The following table lists the improved maximum number of the main specifications. For more information, see System Capacity Comparison.
Note: To obtain a larger system capacity, you need to complete the followings:
  • Upgrade the server deployment environment. For the detailed information about server requirements, see Platform and Server Requirements.
  • Contact your PBX provider to upgrade a license according to your need.
Table 1.
Feature Previous version New version
Extension 500 10,000
Concurrent Call 125 1000
SIP Trunk 500 2000
Web Interface
Optimized the user experience of web interface.
Fixed the SIP Header issue: A user had set up the outbound parameter From User Part to Originator Caller ID, but when an inbound call was transferred to an external number via the trunk, the displayed caller ID was not the originator's caller ID.
Auto Provisioning
Fixed the device firmware upload issue: A user had selected and uploaded a firmware for Yealink SIP-T33G, but the firmware file couldn't be recognized and uploaded.
Hot Standby
Fixed the Hot Standby issue: After a user restored the backup file of Primary Server on Secondary Server and set up the Hot Standby feature, the Secondary Server prompted "CPU Overload".
Speed Dial
Fixed the speed dial importing issue: The quantity limit of speed dial number is 1024, but a user could only import 50 speed dial numbers.
Call Accounting
Fixed the call accounting issue: The outbound calls made via the extended physical trunks were not billed.
Note: Physical trunks include PSTN, GSM, BRI, E1/T1/PRI trunks.
Fixed the agent presence issue: An agent had logged in to Linkus Web Client, but the agent's extension presence in the Queue Panel would become unavailable occasionally.
Operator Panel
Fixed the call issue: An internal call was transferred to the voicemail of another extension, after the call was ended, the call information was still displayed in the Inbound & Internal Calls panel.